House of Red


House of Red is an outdoor dance-theater piece exploring the glitz, glam and wonder of club land. It follows a group of club kids as they party hard and dance like there's no tomorrow. Referencing films such as Party Monster and Mad Max, we explore the spirituality of repeating beats and pounding feet. Adorned with trinkets, lights, and bouncing bodies; a large semi truck sits in the center of a desolate parking lot. With the moon as our head bouncer, the House of Red welcomes you.

Created by: Kevin Zambrano
Performers: Bret Easterling, Mao Chenui, Jasmine Sugar, Robert Wells, Catalina Jackson-Uruena, Emara Vonae-Jackson, Madaline Riley, and Kevin Zambrano.
Costume Design: Mimi Haddon, Kolby Keene
Music Mixed by: Max Transue
Lighting: Christine Ferriter
Producers: BEMOVING, Navel, Jim Rodney

World Premiere: June 2021, Los Angeles